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Plexus Plastic Cleaner

Price: $ 28.32 to $ 36.37
  • Protects and polishes all clear and colored plastics as well as most painted surfaces
  • Originally developed for professional aviation applications and now available to the consumer
  • Helps make clear plastic virtually transparent, colored plastic more vibrant and plastic-based paints gleam like new
  • Plexus envelops dirt and dust particles, then lifts them from the surface to avoid scratching while wiping the contaminants away
  • Protects by actually sealing the pores of the plastic, thus repelling dust and protecting against dirt, grime, oil and UV fading
  • Removes oil, dirt, bugs, sticker adhesive, exhaust stains and grease, plus fuel and track marks
  • Available in 7 oz. and 13 oz. bottles, case of 12; sold each